Trade on Tennis Members Offered Discount on Platinum Service

This is just to let members know what is happening to the service going forward and how the changes will affect you.

Over the next few weeks Trade on Tennis will come under the Trade on Sports umbrella. At present Trade on Sports will encompass 3 services. Trade on Tennis, Trade on Football and the Ratings and Bets.

In a few weeks time our football application will be ready to be tested and current Trade on Tennis members will have the chance to test out the application before it goes on general release a few weeks later.

Over the next few months a tennis application is being developed and phase 1 of this application will be available to ALL current Trade on Tennis members which will allow online access of Matts Stats, reds and blues, plus prematch Betfair odds and dynamic EOS prices that change with any Betfair odds changes before the match starts.

Phase 2 of the application covers amongst the following

  • Live Betfair Scores
  • Alerts when a player is reaching their End of Set price. (This enables you to enter a trade in a very low risk scenario).
  • Alerts for the strength of the previous service game
  • Service Pressure Indicator (This highlights when a break of serve looks imminent and is an extremely powerful trading tool)
  • Also with the Application you are looking to make a pre-match profit before a ball is served.
  • The Application Captures the pre-match prices every 30 mins and indicates where the odds will move, highlighting potential steamers and drifters.

This will really be at the cutting edge of tennis trading and we anticipate will be an extremely popular tool.

Now the question you will no doubt be asking is what does this mean for my membership and below I will set out your options.

Currently your membership is charged at £25 per 4-week cycle and for this you will continue to receive the Trade on Tennis service and the Ratings & Bets service along with the trading notes being available online. If you are happy with this then you need not do anything else and your membership will carry on as it does now.

If you just want to trade the tennis, then you can purchase the bolt on application (which will be available in the spring) and your membership will be £39.95 per 4-week cycle.

If after testing the football game state app you wish to leave Tennis and Join Trade on Football that will be the same cost of 25 per 4-week Cycle with the option to upgrade to a prematch-to-inplay app bringing your football membership to £39.95 per 4-week cycle. Details of the application can be found on the Trade on Sports 2018 prospectus HERE

If you want to be involved with both Tennis and Football and everything else, we do in the future then the Platinum service is certainly worth considering and this comes in at £44.95 Per 4-week cycle.

For this you receive every service and every application. You will also receive every service going forward and we are looking to launch Trade on Cricket with an application, along with applications for the NFL & NBA over the next 18/24 months.

Initially we are restricting membership to this service to 150 as we want to be able to manage the Skype rooms correctly. On release of the new website anyone wanting to join the service will have to register interest first.

It is and will always be our intention to make these services affordable to the average sports betting/trading enthusiast. We are confident that going forward we will be offering the best service at the most competitive price.

We are offering places firstly to our loyal members and when we know the number of our current members who want to join we will then offer the remaining places to the public. As you are currently a member of Trade on Tennis we can offer a reduction on the Platinum service. All members of Trade on Tennis from January up to the release of the Trade on Football application can join the platinum service for ONLY £34.95 per 4-week cycle.  This is a £10 saving on the normal price and comes into effect from the release of the Trade on Football service.

If you are interested in taking up this offer, please reply to this email and we shall add you to the list.