Terms & Conditions

1. Subscription is through PayPal at £25 per month. Should you decide to cancel then your subscription cancels immediately on that day. Unfortunately at this time this is the only payment method available

2. The Trading Room is via Skype. There is no other way that you can access this information.

3. Trading room times will be notified in advance. It should be noted that our trader will need adequate rest and recuperation throughout the year. Specific trading room times will be posted on a weekly basis, although this may be subject to change dependant on the tournament scenarios. It is expected that the start of the tournament is far more likely to be a busier period than the end, and the service will be tailored to match this.

4. Although we have every confidence that you will show a profit long term. You should be reminded that trading on sports carries a real element of risk and you should ensure that you are correctly capitalised at all times. Please also remember that all money you put down is your responsibility. You will be told when to enter and exit a trade along with the staking plan. It is your responsibility that you carry these trades out correctly.

5. The trading room should be regarded as a professional working environment and you are asked to conduct yourself appropriately whilst using it. Anyone found acting inappropriately by using foul or racist language or any behaviour that could be interpreted as bullying will be removed from the trading room and banned from using the service.