About Us

Trade on Tennis is delighted to have acquired the services of experienced full time tennis, and sports trader Matt Haynes.

Matt is a family man who lives in the East Midlands. His main specialities are trading on the Tennis and the NFL, and he will be guiding and advising Trade on Tennis members through the trading room on Skype.

Previous to becoming a full time sports trader, Matt was a prominent DJ on the House and Rave scenes, and has played at venues in all corners of the globe.

Having developed a lifelong interest in horse racing, where he has been and still is a regular punter. Matt was then introduced to the betting exchanges and the world of Sports Trading around 8 years ago.

Matt instantly spotted the potential of trading on the exchanges and he started investigating all the opportunities available.

It was at this time that he took his first serious look at Tennis and saw some great potential in trading the sport. Tennis seemed to offer the perfect concoction, as there were a great number of matches taking place during an average week and the amount of liquidity that the sport attracted was also a positive aspect. So moving money in and out of the market was never really a problem.

Matt soon realised that he could take advantage of the great swings in a tennis match, and he then put his analytical skills to use, and devised some simple trading strategies.

As his trading skills developed, Matt realised that there was a huge gap in the statistical knowledge base within the sport, so he spent around 18 months of data gathering, analysis and back testing. Where he left no stone unturned before discovered his edge.

Matt has now established himself as one of the leading tennis statistical and trading experts. As a member of Trade on Tennis you will be in the fortunate position to be able to take advantage of his vast experience and knowledge, and have the opportunity to trade alongside him.


Should you wish to contact us our email address is tradeontennis@aol.co.uk