£5K Profit From Compounding a £500 Bank

The tennis season starts this weekend and here at Trade on Tennis we are hoping for another very successful season.

Mastering tennis trading can take some time, and indeed due to varying work and time commitments you may not be able to dedicate as much time as you would like to get to grips with the various strategies contained in the manual.

New traders should look at trading as a period of learning and we always suggest that they look to master one strategy at a time.

However just because you are in a learning phase this does not mean that you should not be able to profit from the service. Therefore, we provide members with the Red & Blue selections on the Daily Trading Sheets

The Red selections should be opposed (Layed) and the Blue selections should be backed.

Last season Laying the Reds & Backing the Blues produced the following

Laying the Reds to a straight 1 point gave

607 Bets, 222 Winners, 385 Losers, 272.88 pts risked, +53.16 Pts (19.48% ROI)

So, for example if you were laying a straight £10 you would have risked around £4.50 a trade and profited by £531

If staking to a £20 liability you would have seen a return of +£2653 before commission which leads to a Return on Investment of +21.75%

Also, we have the Blue Backs, and this produced the following

502 Bets, 266 Winners, 236 Losers +763.20 to £20 Stakes ROI +7.60%

Also, you do not need a massive bank if you lay the red selections with a set percentage of your bank and then compound your winnings.

Last season if you had started with a bank of £500 and risked 2% of that bank laying each selection at the end of the season your bank would now be sitting at a very impressive £4866.72

Indeed, we have quite a few members who have doubled and tripled their banks using this technique.

A complete breakdown of last season’s results can be found HERE  and all results are proofed to the Secret Betting Club

If you would like to join Trade on Tennis, then all the above is backed up by a lively Skype Trading Room. We are a friendly sports trading community which includes both full time professional traders who earn a living from trading and people who just enjoy trading as a hobby. Our Skype rooms have skilled traders from all around the world and we are a truly global community that offer helpful and friendly advice. In our Skype rooms we keep to our policy of no question is a stupid question. So please feel free to get involved